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You'll explode...

in laughter


Sugar-Free Gummy Bears are famous (or infamous, take your pick) for wreaking havoc on people's gastrointestinal systems. Since the mid-2010s, people offered reviews of the devil-spawn treats by regaling readers with a recounting of the results after eating these innocent-looking treats. The culprit in the intestinal attacks was one of the sweet's ingredients, which also acted as an industrial-strength laxative. Just four or five of the bears caused real distress. And people ate them by the handful.

After being offered to the public for years and thousands of detailed reviews, one of the primary manufacturers pulled them from the market. the reviews subsequently disappeared into an internet "black hole" (the wording of which is quite ironic after reading the reviews themselves).

Unlike the product itself which appears to be gone forever, the reviewer comments are collected here so that you can laugh at other people's circumstances and misfortunes if you are that kind of person. So read on and get all the straight poop on everything. Just for sh*ts and giggles, of course.

ISBN 978-1941028476

Published September 2022

Chicken Soup For The Soul - Laughter Fro

More laughter


This first-ever humor collection published by Chicken Soup proves that laughter truly is the best medicine. ​101 authors contribute laugh-out-loud tales focused on domestic disasters, Embarrassing moments, parenthood, Pets, mistaken identity, work and other topics.


This volume features my story, "Going Commando," a tale describing the challenges of fatherhood when you have to react to the unexpected. It is a true story, as all stories in the volume are.

Published April 2020


Fantastic read! I couldn’t put it down!

Donna T. - Amazon Review

"Says Seth" is a terrific and funny little book.

Papa Wildcat - Amazon Review

A very enjoyable read. I gave it to my husband for his birthday, and he couldn't stop laughing.

Sarah Cain - Amazon Review

This is a superbly written book by true authority. 

.Loska - Amazon Review

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