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The opportunity to read for an audience is a special thrill...and an equally special fear. Unlike writing where we can rewrite the piece over and over again, reading it aloud changes everything. Live, it's no longer just about our mastery of words. Few of us have professional training in presentation but we do our best to deliver the stories the way we imagine them in our heads. So, in no particular order....

Happy Birthday

Noir at a Bar Oxford - October 2023

Inspired by the carousel in New Hope and the desire to write something creepy. Listen to the very end where a fellow author compliments me by calling me "a sick SOB."

I Like Your Shoes

Wilmington Writers Group

This story was inspired by a single line spoken by a person in line at a supermarket. Read during an open reading at the writers group.


Phoenixville Public Library

Inspired and imagined by a single line spoken by a person in line in the next aisle at a supermarket. Read during an open mic reading at the library.

And The Crowd Roared

Rosemont Senior Center

A true story involving my son Seth, the shower and the game he invented, Shower Soccer. A story about how the unique relationship between fathers and sons...and how it may not be easily understood by others.


Phoenixville Public Library

A short story about guys and what they talk about when alone. Published online by StoryADay.

Sounds of the Season

Holiday Reading

Pure fiction but that gift WAS in fact one item owned. I just reimagined how it might have been used. Read at a special Holiday Reading Event organized by the Main Line Writers Group.

Wedding Jitters

Wilmington-Chadds Ford Writers Group


Everybody loves a wedding, especially when someone stirs the pot with a bit of drama. Read at an open reading at the Writers Group.

Femme Fatale

Noir at a Bar - April 2018

Once again a guy taken in by girl, with just a twist in the typical Noir story presentation.

Statute of Limitations

Noir at a Bar Oxford - June 2018

Another Noir story presentation. Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy kills girl's husband. It's a love story.

Case of the Widow Bialofski

Noir at a Bar Oxford - Fall 2017

Another Noir story presentation. Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy kills girl's husband...and then it all goes wrong. It's a love story, but whose?

Self Restraint

Main Line Writers Group Group Read at Michael's Deli

The ties that bind people in a relationship aren't always physical. Read at the group's open mic reading

Soup For One
Phoenixville Public Library Reading

A father's first responsibility is to keep his child safe. The second is to subjugate him. Here is a story about my meeting that second responsibility.

Crazy Love
Phoenixville Public Library Reading

Love...exciting and new. Climb on board. It's surprising, too!

Second Thoughts
Philcon 2020

from the anthology "The Twofer Compendium."

Going Commando
Wilmington Writers Group

Published in "Chicken Soup For The Soul: Laughter" in 2019

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