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Story Telling from a Different Perspective

Sometimes, instead of actually telling the story myself, I create a platform for other people's stories to be told. That's fun, too. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth 900 times that each minute, the exact number depending on the number of frames per second of the original film.  

I haunt garage sales and flea markets on the weekends, looking for slides and home movies (8mm and super 8 film). When I am lucky, I get rewarded with the discarded documentation of weddings, beach vacations, Christmas gift openings, Bar Mitzvahs and other family celebrations. Then I digitize and share them online on my YouTube channel for everyone to see and feel.
Other People's Families


Helping others authors to tell their stories
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in 1990 I founded the Main Line Writers Group with my good friend and accomplished writer Tony Conaway. My goal was to create a community that would help local writers to better their craft, publish their work, and create strong relationships with other writers. 

In late 1991, I added the Wilmington Writers Group (renamed the Wilmington-Chadds Ford Writers Group). Both groups continue to operate, sharing resources and providing a home for local authors.



Helping others authors to tell their stories
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Noir At A Bar was created to offer local authors an opportunity to read their dark stories of crime, suspense and gritty life. Prior to Covid 19, we ran seven events in three years including two that were benefits for the Oxford Public Library. October 2021, Noir returns with an Oxford Public Library benefit. 

Turning Storytelling Into A Game


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It's a Party Game. It's a Writers Prompt Tool.
Writers Bloxx was created to help promote storytelling and fight writers block. Six categories of prompts that don;t easily fit together make your mind work harder and faster. Why? Because you have just six minutes to create a story that uses them all.  And if you find that too easy, a plot twist in the middle of your writing makes it even more challenging. 

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